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Recognized as the #1 Online Resource for Matching Expedited Freight, General Truck Loads Freight, LTL Freight and Carriers Since 1999


Since our founding in 1999, ExpediteLoads.com has been about connections and helping our Members be successful.

Sure, at a high level, we are a real-time 24/7 freight load posting and truck posting service (i.e. Shippers and Brokers want to get their freight shipped and Carriers want to find loads to haul with as few deadhead miles and downtime between hauls as possible). So we provide load postings from our Members, as well as from our load posting partners, so that Carriers can search for loads, based on selected criteria, that match up with their Truck Equipment types (i.e. a Van, a Flatbed, a Straight Truck, a Refrigerated Van, etc.) They can search based on where their trucks are either currently located or based on where they will be at the end of a load -- where they will be empty and need another load to haul. Carriers can also post their Truck Equipment in order for Shippers and Brokers to search for equipment that matches their shipment needs.


But we are more than just a load board and truck board; we provide a service, a platform for a connected freight community. Whether it is setting up notifications to be alerted immediately of available loads or trucks, setting up favorite Carriers or Shippers to view, establishing or participating in a private load board or private truck board with select Carriers, Shippers or Brokers, searching the Member directory or setting up a unique Member profile to build relationships, our Members can plug in, stay connected and use the tools and services provided to build thriving businesses.


Thousands of companies and individuals post loads on ExpediteLaods.com. Loads of all sizes and forms that need to be delivered across the U.S. and Canada are posted real-time, 24/7. Load posters can select from multiple load boards: General & LTL freight or Expedite/Urgent Response, and even a Private Load Board for loads only available to select Carriers and Brokers.


Freight Carriers, national and regional, and independent Owner Operators with Truck Equipment of various types and sizes located across the U.S. and Canada are Members of the ExpediteLoads.com community. Truck equipment available includes 1 ton Cargo Vans, Sprinters, Straight Trucks, Hot Shots (small flatbeds), Reefers, Power Only (semi tractor), Auto Carriers, Hopper Trucks and Tankers, full-size Flatbeds, and full-size Vans (53' & 48'). Just about all types of freight trucks available to haul freight are posted on the load boards.


We are not freight brokers. We have no vested interest in any freight brokerage, manufacturer, distributor, freight forwarder, third-party logistics firm, or freight carrier of any size. These are our Members, the community of ExpediteLoads.com.


We are not standing still. Even though we have a broad range of tools and services available today, we are constantly brainstorming new ideas and listening to what our Members say they need in order to be successful. Our goal is to continuously add new features and new services as quickly as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about ExpediteLoads.com, our freight load board and our community. We are proud of our Members and aim to serve them well. If you are interested in learning more about our services click here for a Product Tour or if you would like to become a Member, click here for Plans & Pricing.

The ExpediteLoads.com Service Team