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Expedited freight is a multi-billion dollar segment of the freight and cargo transportation industry in North America. The trucking industry generally describes expedited freight as freight that:

  • Is Time definite (i.e. has a definite date and time window for delivery);
  • Is Exclusive use (i.e. the freight transported is not comingled with truck freight from other Shippers, Freight Brokers, etc.);
  • Is Door-to-Door (i.e. there are no intermediaries or stops between the origin and destination); and
  • Generally carries a higher paying rate than general or non-expedited freight.

Freight carriers of all sizes, including owner operators, regional truck companies, and large national and international trucking and transportation companies participate in this growing segment. Loads hauled can be full truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL) utilizing equipment ranging from hotshots (a pick up and trailer), a cube van, sprinters, straight (box) trucks, flatbeds, full 53-foot vans and more.

Whether you want to expand your business by hauling expedited freight loads to supplement your general truck load or LTL freight loads or if you are an exclusive truck freight carrier, you need access to these loads and start building relationships with Shippers and Freight Brokers needing expedited services.

Expand Your Business With Expedited Truck Freight

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  3. Post your expedited trucks and keep them updated during the day every day. Being visible to Shippers and Freight Brokers is key.
  4. Connect with Shippers, Freight Brokers, and even other Freight Carriers to build the expedite network you need to grow your business.
  5. Be ready to respond to quickly*.

We’ve Got You Covered

Remember, whether you want to haul expedited freight or general truckloads or LTL loads, we’ve got them all on our load boards. Reduce your deadhead miles, get more loads, and build your business starting today!


*Premium, expedited freight is posted daily for bid and moves quickly due to time sensitivity (thus the term expedited as described above). The key is to be able to respond quickly and professionally to build new expedited freight relationships.