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Attention Freight Shippers: Freight Brokers, Manufacturers, Direct Shippers, Distributors, Freight Forwarders

Find Expedite, Truck Freight & LTL Carriers Fast!

Shipping freight and valuable cargo is the lifeblood of the economy of any nation. Whether you are a Manufacturer needing raw materials or purchased parts; a Distributor replenishing your stocks or supplying needed parts or supplies; a Retailer receiving new merchandise or shipping sold goods; a Freight Broker or Freight Forwarder getting your clients’ loads shipped; or any other organization or individual needing to receive or ship freight, you need an easy way to get qualified Truck Freight Carriers to deliver your loads.

Our Carrier Members come from all across North America and have containers of all sizes that are available to get your loads delivered.

  • dry vans
  • flatbeds
  • reefers
  • power only units
  • sprinters
  • straight trucks
  • hot shots
  • cargo vans
  • auto carriers
  • dumps & hopper trailers
  • tankers
  • and more!

Attention Freight Shippers!!
Truck Freight Carriers Are Standing By to Quote Your Freight

Post your loads and gain access to over 800 Trucking Companies and Thousands of Freight Carriers looking for your freight. Signing up takes just a couple of minutes and then you will have instant access to:

  • Post your standard rate General Truck Load and LTL (less than truckload) freight on the General & LTL load board. It's easy, fast and 100% FREE to post and manage loads yourself. Thousands of Truck Freight Carrier units looking for your Full and LTL loads and will contact you directly. List any size load needing to be shipped anywhere across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Integrate with our Freight Load Posting System and Auto Upload Your Loads! If you have many loads to deal with during the day, choose from our downloadable Excel sheet set up or contact us to set up an auto XML or FTP direct posting system. Call Jami @ 702-396-3112 and she will be happy to assist you.
  • If you post your loads or trucks with PostEverywhere® or PostOnce, please be sure to select us as one of your posting partners through them if you haven’t already. Your loads and trucks posted there will auto post with ExpediteLoads.com.

Want Instant Access to Post Your Loads?


Got Time Sensitive, Expedite Freight? Need to Connect with Freight Carriers to Build Your Own Shipping Network?1

When you become a Premium or 5-Star Member of ExpediteLoads.com you can do so much more than just posting your available loads. Expand your load posting options:

  • Post your urgent, critical, time sensitive freight for any size truck to the Expedite Urgent Response load board. Your load information is instantly dispatched to thousands qualified expedite carrier units. Freight Carriers are prescreened for cargo and liability insurance, authorities, and 24/7 communications. The carrier company will connect with you directly on the load with bids so you can make arrangements if you choose. Post and manage as many loads as you like!
  • Post loads and accept bids from different carriers to get a better price. The Carriers will see your load details and connect directly with you. Post & manage as many loads as you like!

The road is open for you to build connections with qualified Truck Carriers or other Freight Shippers. You can even set up your own Private Load Board:

  • For no more that $1.67 per day, Premium and 5-Star Members have load and truck search access, online Member community connections, and much, much more.
  • Plus, 5-Star Membership allows you to set up your own Private Load Board and invite Carriers you select to access your exclusive loads.
  • 5-Star Membership also allows you to participate in Private Truck Boards where your Freight Carriers partners provide you access to their exclusive truck postings.

We Help Get Your Loads Shipped & Connect You to a
Freight Shipping Community

Know upfront, that we are NOT a Freight Shipper, Freight Broker, Freight Carrier, Manufacturer, Distributor, Freight Forwarder, or Third-Party Logistics Operator. Nor do we have any interest in these types of organizations. We are a high value, low cost service provider, the glue if you will, to bring these connections together. As such, our services1 are based on UNLIMITED use, 24/7, 365 days. There are no commissions, service fees, lead generation fees, royalties, tips, etc. for using our Membership service.

Know also that all of you information is secure and will not be shared with any third-party interests outside of ExpediteLoads.com.

So Go Ahead and Get Started Today!

Try us out for a free test drive. In mere moments you can be putting our service to good use! It’s easy…Post. Search. Connect!

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1Not all features are available with each Member Plan. See Plans & Pricing Details for a full list of features by Member Plan.