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If you are a Freight Carrier, whether an Owner Operator, a Courier transportation group, a regional trucking company or a national trucking conglomerate, the core lifeline for the growth and prosperity of your organization are quality freight loads and the reduction in deadhead miles.

Freight Shippers (Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Manufacturers, Third-Party Logistic Professionals) have got to get their loads transported as efficiently and economically as possible.

One group has the equipment and expertise in freight transport, the other, the loads to fill that equipment.

How ExpediteLoads.com Can Help

We are here to help both groups to connect, as a “match-making” service that not only lists available loads to haul and trucks that are ready to be loaded, but provides the platform and the service, to allow you to build connections with other Carriers, Shippers, Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and other freight transportation professionals. It’s more than one load you need when you are stuck in Timbuktu and want to get home or have that one load that you desperately needed shipped yesterday. It’s the connections you build daily with other Members that will provide long-lasting growth opportunities for your organization.

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  • Find Freight Instantly with Unlimited Use - Over 50,000 updated truck freight loads daily on our General Truck and LTL freight and Expedite/Urgent Response load boards, to choose from thousands of freight brokers, manufacturers, distributors, & shippers posting available freight and looking for empty truck space daily!
  • Use our easy search features and helpful tools, notification alerts, maps, resources, and much more to find live loads, and check FREE credit scores on companies posting freight to help make sure you get paid.
  • Post your available trucks to all Members or set up your own Private Truck Board with Shippers, Freight Brokers, or Freight Forwarders, or other Freight Carriers that you select.
  • Build your business for the long haul by building and maintaining your personal and company profile to promote you and your organization
  • Easily search for companies and individuals to connect and build profitable relationships with.
  • View and respond to exclusive available loads for your participating Private Load Boards.
  • Set up your own Private Truck or Freight Load Board (for your overflow loads) with Shippers, Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, or other Freight Carriers that you select.
  • And much more!

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1Not all features are available with each Member Plan. See Plans & Pricing Details for a full list of features by Member Plan.