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Every day, millions of pounds of freight are picked up and delivered to destinations all across the US and Canada. North, South, East, and West, freight is constantly on the move. As a member of the shipping and freight community, you either are looking for a load to haul or needing a Freight Carrier to pick up and deliver your valuable load.

That’s where ExpediteLoads.com comes in…

We Help You Connect To Either Get a Load or Get Your Load Hauled

If there is all of this freight needing to be shipped and all of these Carriers with truck equipment of various makes, sizes and capabilities that are wanting to haul it, how do you get “in on it” and participate? It’s simple. Join ExpediteLoads.com, a freight loadboard and truck board community with Carriers, Shippers, Freight Brokers, and available loads and trucks from all across North America.

No Tip$ Please

Know upfront, that we are NOT a Freight Shipper, Freight Broker, Freight Carrier, Manufacturer, Distributor, Freight Forwarder, or Third-Party Logistics Operator. Nor do we have any interest in these types of organizations. We are a high value, low cost service provider, the glue if you will, to bring these connections together. As such, our services1 are based on UNLIMITED use. There are no commissions, service fees, lead generation fees, royalties, tips, etc. for using our Membership service.

So go ahead and get started today! Try us out for a 15-Day test drive (it's FREE). In mere moments you can be putting our service to good use!

Find Freight Instantly with Unlimited Use

Over 50,000 updated truck freight loads daily to choose from thousands of freight brokers, manufacturers, distributors, freight forwarders, & shippers posting available freight and looking for empty truck space daily!

Easy search features, instant load notification alerts, truck matching to available loads, great tools and resources to assist you, and FREE credit scores on companies posting freight to help make sure you get paid. Find freight & increase your contacts.

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Shippers & Freight Brokers - Find available freight carriers fast! Access qualified trucking companies looking for your freight. If you have a load, you need to find a freight carrier to get it to its destination. Easily post all your loads to any of our load boards. Posting loads is 100% FREE! Take bids and get the best rate, increase carrier contacts. Post any type of truck freight: Expedite, General & LTL.

Become a Premium or 5 Star Member, for no more that $1.67 per day, and have load search access, online Member community connections, and much, much more. Plus, 5 Star Membership allows you to set up your own Private Load Board and invite Carriers you select to access your exclusive loads.

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1 Not all features are available with each Member Plan. See Plans & Pricing for a full list of features by Member Plan.