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When you post your shipment, it is immediately displayed & dispatched via email to hundreds of qualified trucking companies looking for freight. Post any type of truck freight for display. Choose from two load boards to display your loads – Expedite/Urgent Freight or General Freight/LTL Freight. Or, choose the 5-Star Member Plan which allows you to create your very own Private Load Boards and share your loads with your exclusive connections. Receive direct calls to get your freight moving, get the best prices on your shipments and make new carrier contacts.


We can also integrate with your computer system. If your company has available loads in email format, on a spreadsheet such as Excel, an FTP text file, or live on a web site, please call us at (702) 396-3112. We will automate your loads and help you get the calls and contacts you need.



Post your trucks to our popular truck location boards. These boards are accessed hundreds of times daily by brokers, manufacturers and direct shippers looking for General and Expedite trucks. They usually check here first before posting a load. When you post your available trucks & locations daily to this board, you will be front and center to receive calls for available loads. Create your own company ad for shippers and brokers to see while viewing your truck postings daily!

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1Not all features are available with each Member Plan. See Plans & Pricing for a full list of features by Member Plan.