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Get Instant Access to 3 Hot Truck Freight Load Boards & a Load Matching System that works for the Freight Industry!

Online Load Board Since 1999...

ExpediteLoads.com was one of the pioneers in establishing an internet-based truckers load board. Providing available loads from all across the US and Canada in one easily accessed loadboard web site was revolutionary at the time.

Our founder was an Owner Operator, a trucker who saw the need to have freight loads easily accessible by Freight Carriers as well as making it easy for Freight Shippers and Freight Brokers to post any and all of their freight to our load boards. We’ve may have evolved quite a bit since our initial web launch, you can do so much more now than the early years, but our aim has always been and stays true to today, to connect Shippers, Freight Brokers, and Carriers together in a loadboard community.

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Become an ExpediteLoads.com Member in minutes! Access three truck freight load boards:

  • Expedite/Urgent Response Load Board
  • Full Truck Loads/LTL Load Board
  • Our Live Bid Board

Find available truck freight fast! View over 50,000 available Expedite, Full Truck Loads & LTL loads posted on our load boards daily! Find loads... you'll receive full info on the freight loads & contact info to the companies needing them moved. You can also post your available trucks to our truck boards & get them moving. A Membership to find loads also includes all features to post loads, search trucks & find carriers. 5 Star Members can also be invited to join and view exclusive loads with our ALL NEW Private Load Board feature. Also, you can set up your own Private Load Board (for your overflow loads) and set up and invite select Freight Shippers and Freight Brokers to join your own Private Truck Board.

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Find available freight carriers fast! Access qualified trucking companies looking for your freight. If you have a load, you need to find a freight carrier to get it to its destination. Easily post all your loads to any of our load boards. Posting loads is 100% FREE! Receive calls or bids... your choice. Become a 5 Star Member for no more that $1.67 per day, and have load search access, online Member community connections, and much, much more. Plus, 5 Star Membership allows you to set up your own Private Load Board and invite Carriers you select to access your exclusive loads.

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